Envision it. Weave it.

We’re on a mission to make professional 3D printing accessible to industrial,
manufacturing, and product development workspaces everywhere.

fabWeaver enables professional (and aspiring) engineers and product designers to rapidly and independently
design, innovate, and iterate product development at industrial and manufacturing levels coupled with consumer grade
accessibility. From quick product mockups to functional prototypes, professionals now have a solution for
rapid prototyping that doesn’t stress their budget.


In the last ten years the 3D printing industry has exploded with innovation. However, until now,
product designers and engineers who have wanted high tolerance output for functioning prototypes
without the complications of industrial machines had to make trade offs.

They either had to make significant investments in equipment and infrastructure, rely on speciality
outsource partners, or settle for “close enough” product mockups on desktop equipment that wasn’t up to the task.

Don’t compromise on
current printout quality.
Upgrade it with

fabWeaver type A530 Industrial Rapid Prototyping 3D Printer front door open shot

Born of this need for higher-demand 3D printing
combined with consumer-level ease-of-use,
fabWeaver is a new 3D brand focused on bringing
industrial-level 3D printing and prototyping to
product designers and engineers who want to quickly
turn their vision into a physical reality.

fabWeaver captures the nimble startup mentality:
agile and creative thinking, experimentation-driven
invention, and deep cultural and community commitment
while at the same time focuses on creating dependable
equipment that delivers repeatable results.

We’ve unified the best of innovative thinking
in the 3D space with new technologies, partnerships,
and solutions. Coupled with the ease of owning and
maintaining desktop printers (i.e., filaments in cartridges) with industrial level output
(manufacture grade materials, 310mm3 build dimensions + .2mm tolerances)
we’ve focused all of our attention on delivering high-end tools,
workflows, and experiences.

unveiling fabWeaver type A530 3D Printer

We’ve begun this journey with the launch of ground-breaking
industrial-level 3D printer type A530, capable of creating
functional prototypes (or almost anything you can imagine)
from practically anywhere, at practically anytime
at a price that product design, manufacturing,
and engineering teams can justify.

Industrial Prototyping 3D Workstation