fabWeaver 3D Printer Material Guide

Choosing and using the right material is key to successful printing. We are supplying own filaments with optimized
setting values ​​to ensure print quality. After thousand numerous printings, using filament spools of various materials,
here we’d like to present fabWeaver 3D Printer Materials Guide as below. We will also continuously provide profiles of
tested partner filaments to support a variety of materials.

The materials introduced below are the most widely used materials today. Learn about the properties of these materials,
how to handle them, and check out this material guide from fabWeaver experts to find out which materials are best for which

You can quickly find materials with desired properties by selecting the properties tags of the materials shown below.
Click on selected materials to see their other properties, hardware requirements,
best practices, expert tips, and more. For new users to 3D printing or experts who like to try new materials,
this fabWeaver Materials Guide try to provide as much detail as possible about the materials of your interest.

Choose a material property tag or one of the materials below to get started.