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Weaver3 Stuido

Weaver3 Studio is a free slicer dedicated to fabWeaver,
ensuring the highest printing quality. It provides an intuitive and
user-friendly interface so that even beginners can use it easily,
and advanced features such as CAD-to-Print
simplify the 3D printing workflow.

Download (Windows, 64 bit)

Recommended Specifications

These are the user PC specifications to operate Weaver3 Studio comfortably.

Detailed Description

In order to run Weaver3 Studio smoothly, a PC with the following specifications is recommended.

  • CPU : Intel Core i5-8xxx or AMD Ryzen5 15xx or higher

  • RAM : 8GB or more (Only Weaver3 Studio)

  • HDD : 1GB or more (500 MB without CAD to STL module)

  • GPU : OpenGL 4.1 compatible graphics card for 3D layer view

  • OS : Windows 10 or later (required)

Weaver3 Studio All Versions

Weaver3 Studio_1.0.1156.0

Weaver3 Studio_1.0.1156.0

ᆞRevert a previous change 
ᆞDue to this, when a support is created inside the model, it is possible for the bottom part of the support not to be created.

Weaver3 Studio_1.0.1155.0

Weaver3 Studio_1.0.1155.0

Fix some bugs and improve user's experience

Weaver3 Studio_1.0.1133.0


type A530 Firmware_220614_5

type A530 Firmware_220614_5

ㆍEnhanced load/unload motion logic

type A530 Firmware_220414_1

type A530 Firmware_220414_1

ᆞ1st release
ᆞadded firmware update notification