Weave your
idea in 3D

Print What You Want. When You Want.

Meet the type A530

Envision it. Weave it.

We’re on a mission to make professional 3D printing accessible to industrial, manufacturing,
and product development workspaces everywhere. fabWeaver is from quick product mockups to
functional prototypes, professionals now have a solution for rapid prototyping that doesn’t stress their budget.



Based on unrivaled and sophisticated
technology, we implement the requirements
with the most precision and propose the
optimal solution.

WE’ve got the Technology

We assure the quality of outstanding printouts.
fabWeaver boasts industrial-level precision with optimized technology
for the printing environment.With an intuitive design that anyone can use and
a reasonable price that anyone can manage, it dr amatically reduces the TCO
of prototyping and lowers the barriers to 3D printing.Now, meet fabWeaver’s
unique technology. Experience the convenience of 3D printing, reduce
ineff iciencies, and increase satisfaction with printouts.



We aim to be a one-stop platform
that provides A to Z solutions for
3D printing.

WE’ve got Solutions

We provide end-to-end solutions.
We pursue a one-stop solution platform with all services required for 3D printing.
We provide step-by-step services covering all areas of 3D printing, from the most
competitive 3D printers to software, materials, service bureaus, consulting,
such as slicers, cloud monitoring & team project management, etc.
Experience the world of the smartest 3D printers, moving between unreality
and reality easily and conveniently anytime, anywhere.



We create new standards that transcend
existing boundaries through innovation in
technology and thinking.

WE’ve got a Future

fabWeaver is a game changer that innovates the future.

We want to build our own path without limits, layer by layer,
with unique technology and solutions.

We will provide without limit in our product offering, from personal and educational
products to professional and industrial products, and will reach all customers
who need fabWeaver 3d printer worldwide regardless of regions such as Asia,
the Americas, and Europe..

fabWeaver, a global 3D company that continues to grow, transforming
imagination into reality and confidence into innovation.

Print What You Want.
When You Want.

From simple proof of concept (POC) to design verifi cation, performance
test and printing of working parts, fabWeaver type A530 is purpose-built
from the ground up to deliver the highest quality, pro-level 3D prototypes
in a nimble platform you could place practically anywhere in your office.

our 3D printing solutions

You can experience the best performance