Increase the productivity of type A530.

smartStation is an auto filament feeding system
that enables continuous printing of type A530 for a long
period of time and is sold separately as an option for type A530.

smartStation™ provides the highest productivity for type A530 users.

Up to 4 filament spools can be loaded. 2 different materials
can be installed 2 each for 24 hours continuous printing.

smartStation, fabWeaver 3D Printer Automatic Feeding System

Automatic Feeding System

Up to 4 filament spools can be loaded. Enabling 24/7 printing with different materials for each 2 sets of spools.

When the filament runs out, the system automatically switches to the other spare spool to continue printing.

Proprietary Filament

Filament is fed straight from the filament box while the filament spool is stored inside the filament box to keep the best condition .

You can experience the best performance and print quality when using Proprietary filament. Convenient functions such as print setting and remaining amount of filament are provided through the smart chip mounted on the filament spool.

fabWeaver type A530 filament box
3D Printer Filament Spools

Open Material

In addition to fabWeaver filaments, compatible 3rd party filaments of various material can be used for those who prefer their previously used filaments.

Storage Drawer

In the bottom drawer of smartStation™ ,there is a storage space for consumables and other work supplies.

smartStation Storage Drawer
Industrial 3D Printer Working Tray Table

Simple Working Tray (Table)

working tray allows you to place printouts, working parts or tools.