Weaver3 Cloud

Weaver3 Cloud web-based remote 3d printing control platform

Weaver3 Cloud

Weaver3 Cloud is a web-based 3D printing management
platform that monitors, controls, and manages 3D printers and
print jobs to maximize 3D printing workflow efficiency.

1. Remote control of 3D printing

Multiple printers can be registered and managed
remotely. Users can remotely control print start,
stop, and cancel, and the job sequence can be
controlled in the job queue for each printer.

Real-time monitoring of the machine and printing
status is possible through the live camera,
and the workflow can be managed on the go
through linking with the Mobile App.

Weaver3 Cloud 3D printing status dashboard screenshot

2. Manage Users & Teams

You can create a team for each project team or
company organization and set access rights to 3D
printing resources. Even by user type, you can control
the printing resources through permission settings.

Weaver3 Cloud Team Managing screen

3. Manage files

By providing cloud storage, you can access
it from anywhere through the Internet, and you
can easily share resources with team members
by setting access rights.

Weaver3 Cloud provides cloud storage and remote control & monitoring features. Access to your 3D printer with your mobile now!

4. Online Slicing (Comming soon)

Provides online slicing functionality that can be run
on any browser. There is no need to install a separate
slicer program. You can upload the necessary files to
Weaver3 Cloud for slicing and remote printing.

Weaver3 Cloud Online Slicing glance

5. Analytics

We provide a dashboard where you can see the printer status and job status registered for each team at a glance. If you manage multiple printers such as a company, school, or Service Bureau, you can efficiently manage 3D printing resources through the dashboard.

In job history management, you can check detailed information about all job histories as well as job progress such as job progress rate and expected completion time.

Weaver3 Cloud 3D printing job status dashboard glance

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